March 23, 2017



The Forum, Palm Sunday, 7pm

“Jesus: Prophet, Priest and… Politician?” How should Christians relate to politics?
First century Israel was a hotbed of political tension; an often violent clash of religious ideologies, national identities and authorities. Israel dreamed of a Messiah who would ‘restore the Kingdom’ and ‘take our country back’ from Rome; Make Israel Great Again!
Jesus enters this arena with a radical interpretation of Hebrew scriptures and announces a new kind of kingdom bringing with it a new style of politics and society.

Our present day political sphere is no less chaotic – Brexit, Trump, calls for strong national identities and contrasting levels of tolerance. Does Jesus’s kind of politics have a place in today’s culture? How does the Kingdom of Heaven work out in the current climate? How should Christians relate to local and global politics? What would Jesus have to say about today’s society and the Church’s role within it? How do we ‘give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s’ in an increasingly uncertain world?

Wide Open Worship, Monday, 7pm

Who do you say I am?
Perhaps the most crucial question ever asked: Who is Jesus? Come and creatively investigate, reflect and respond to this question through songs, art, prayer and conversation as we express our worship – both personally and together – at the start of the week that changed history.

Maundy Thursday, 7pm

Communion and Foot Washing.
On the night he was betrayed Jesus spent quality time with his disciples – his closest friends. In an intimate and profound evening he served them by washing their feet, and broke bread with them; “Love one another.” Come as friends of Jesus to relive that evening, share bread and wine together and remember the foot-washing saviour; God with a towel.

Good Friday, 4:30pm

BBC Passion (12+)

God’s Word Speaks, Beginning Good Friday, 7pm

Good Friday, 7pm – 12am
Easter Saturday, 6am – 8pm
“Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ” (Romans 10:17)
For thousands of years, the primary way people engaged with Scripture was by hearing it read aloud. Scripture was largely written to be read in community, discussed together and lived out collectively. Beginning Good Friday evening, we will read the entire New Testament – the Story of Jesus and the early christians. You can sign up to read (why not sign up in pairs or in groups?) or simply come to listen to God’s word being read. Speak to Jimmy or Kathryn for more details.

Resurrection Sunday, All Day!

Sunrise Service, 6am at Foreshore, Emsworth.
All Age Celebration, 10:30am (including Easter Egg hunt!)
Emmaus Experience, 7pm
Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with breakfast on the beach, joining with other churches across the area, then singing, praising, playing games and enjoying the new life Jesus offers before reflecting on the big story of God and our place within it.

It’s going to be an Easter Eggstravaganza!