Who’s Who

Our Pastors

Jimmy and Kathryn Orr became Pastors of the church in early 2014. They met whilst studying at Spurgeon’s College, London and married in 2010. They have one little boy, Arthur. Together with the Deacons they form the Leadership Team and lead LPBC, giving oversight to all aspects of church life.

Kathryn loves cooking and baking and rarely says no to a cup of tea. She is passionate about people and loves to share life stories.

Jimmy loves music: listening, singing, playing… He is football mad and is an Arsenal fan. His passion is to see people fulfilling their potential and enabling them to be the people God has called them to be. 

Our current Deacons are Bev Palmer (Administrator), Ian Burroughs (Treasurer), Dan MacPherson, Ann Parker, Tim Philpot, Pete Ruff and Sam Sweetman. Their role is to support Jimmy and Kathryn in leading the church in the practical outworking of the church’s vision. 

Our Deacons*

Along with the Pastors, they form the Leadership Team and are the named Trustees of Leigh Park Baptist Church. 

*Deacon is a churchy word meaning ‘one who serves’. We give them this title based on the early church’s example in the Bible (Acts 6:1-6)

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