February 1, 2017


Jesus said “make disciples of all kinds of people… baptise them… and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Part of that teaching happens through the talks and sermons shared in our services. They are not the final word on any given subject; they are the first word in the conversation. It’s up to each of us to think, study, pray and make up our own mind what we believe and why we believe it.

You can see what themes are coming up in the life of the church and also download recordings of recent talks and sermons here.

The Book of Acts

“Acts is a book of cheerful (and sometimes not so cheerful) muddle and puzzle, as Jesus’s first followers blunder around trying to find out what they are supposed to be doing, nudged this way and pushed that way by the Spirit, facing sharp disagreement and potential division inside the movement and even sharper hostility from outside. Acts has plenty of martyrs, riots, and frustrating failures. The powers are fighting back. And yet Acts ends with Paul in Rome, under Caesar’s nose, announcing God as King and Jesus as Lord.” – N.T. Wright

Join us on this ‘cheerful muddle’ as we look to learn from the early church’s experiences in figuring out how to live as Jesus taught us.

Acts#43 (19:1-22)
(17/11/2019) Audio

Acts#42 (18:18-28)
(10/11/2019) Audio

Acts#41 (18:1-17)
(03/11/19) Video

Acts#40 (17:16-34)
(27/10/2019) Audio

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