December 18, 2017

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The Book of Acts

“Acts is a book of cheerful (and sometimes not so cheerful) muddle and puzzle, as Jesus’s first followers blunder around trying to find out what they are supposed to be doing, nudged this way and pushed that way by the Spirit, facing sharp disagreement and potential division inside the movement and even sharper hostility from outside. Acts has plenty of martyrs, riots, and frustrating failures. The powers are fighting back. And yet Acts ends with Paul in Rome, under Caesar’s nose, announcing God as King and Jesus as Lord.” – N.T. Wright

Join us on this ‘cheerful muddle’ as we look to learn from the early church’s experiences in figuring out how to live as Jesus taught us.

Acts #1 (1:1-8)
(02/09/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #2 (1:9-14)
(09/09/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #3 (1:12-26)
(16/09/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #4 (2:1-13)
(23/09/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #5 (2:14-41)
(30/09/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #6 (2:42-47)
(07/10/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #7 (3:1-10)
(14/10/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #8 (3:11-26)
(21/10/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #9 (4:1-22)
(28/10/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #10 (4:23-31)
(04/11/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #11 (4:32-37)
(11/11/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #12 (5:1-11)
(18/11/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #13 (5:12-17)
(25/11/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #14 (5:17-42)
(02/12/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #15 (6:1-17)
(09/12/2018) Audio / Study
Acts #16 (6:1-8:3)
(16/12/2018) Audio / Study

Postcards from Philippi: A Study in Philipians

It’s summertime! We all want to relax, feel refreshed and be encouraged. There aren’t many more joyful and uplifting books than Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. Join us as we take a sunny stroll this summer through Philippians.

Thankfulness and Partnership: Chapter 1
(05/08/2018) Audio
Be like Jesus: Chapter 2
(12/08/2018) Audio
Pressing on: Chapter 3
(19/08/2018) Audio
All things: Chapter 4
(26/08/2018) Audio

The Good and Beautiful Life

“I have never met a person whose goal was to ruin his or her life. We all want to be happy, and we want it all of the time.” The problem is we have bought into false notions of happiness and success.  Following the Sermon on the Mount, this follow-up to The Good and Beautiful God guides us to look behind these character flaws and to replace our false beliefs with Jesus’ narratives about life in the kingdom of God.

The good and beautiful life
(18/02/2018) Audio
Writing a letter to God
(25/02/2018) Audio
The gospel many people have never heard
(04/03/2018) Audio
(11/03/2018) Audio
The grand invitation
(18/03/2018) Audio
(25/03/2018) Audio
Learning to live without anger
(01/04/2018) Audio
Keeping the Sabbath
Learning to live without lust
(15/04/2018) Audio
Media Fast
(22/04/2018) Audio
Learning to live without lying
(29/04/2018) Audio
(06/05/2018) Audio
Learning to bless those who curse us
(13/05/2018) Audio
Praying for success of competitors
(20/05/2018) Audio
Learning to live without vainglory
(27/05/2018) Audio
Secret Service
Learning to live without avarice
(10/06/2018) Audio
(17/06/2018) Audio
Learning to live without worry
(24/06/2018) Audio
(01/07/2018) Audio
Learning to live without judging others
(08/07/2018) Audio
A day without gossip
(15/07/2018) Audio
Living in the kingdom day by day
(22/07/2018) Audio
Living one day devotionally
(29/07/2018) Audio

Peace and Prosperity.
And the beginning of the year people often reassess their hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions, all reaching for their version of ‘The Good Life’. What if the secret to Peace and Prosperity wasn’t a secret? Join us as we look at six top tips for living a life of Shalom.
“Get the inside track” (Praying)
(07/01/2017) Audio
“Go straight to the source” (Reading)
(14/01/2017) Audio
“Get richer by giving more away” (Giving)
(21/01/2017) Audio
“Second is the New First” (Serving)
(28/01/2017) Audio
“You don’t get bigger by tearing others down” (Encouraging)
(04/02/2017) Audio / Study Guide
“Keep on keeping on” (Persevering)
(11/02/2017) Audio / Study Guide


What’s in a name?

Everyone knows who Jesus is don’t they? But what if the Jesus I know isn’t the Jesus you know? This man in whom we put our faith is given many names and titles throughout the Bible, and each one shows us a different aspect of his character, his role, his nature and his personality. This series takes a deeper look at who Jesus really is and helps us get to know him that little bit more.

Son of Man (02/10/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Rabbi (08/10/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Friend of sinners (15/10/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Christ/Messiah (22/10/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Word of God (29/10/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Bread of Life (05/11/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Prince of Peace (12/11/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Lord (19/11/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Lamb of God (26/11/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Immanuel (03/12/2017) Audio / Study Guide
Light of the World (10/12/2017) Study Guide
Jesus (17/12/2017) Audio / Study Guide

Shalom: The Good Life

The Hebrew word shalom means completeness, wholeness, health, the absence of agitation or discord. The heart of shalom is to be complete, perfect and full. We are trying, with God’s help by the Holy Spirit, to embody and live out this peace. In this short series, we’ll dive a little deeper into this ancient concept of Shalom: The Good Life.

Shalom: The Good life (03/09/2017) – Audio / Study Guide
Shalom: Time (10/09/2017) Study Guide
Shalom: Money (17/09/2017) Study Guide
Shalom: Effort (24/09/2017) Audio / Study Guide

Loving the World God Loves

“God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.” If God values this world so highly, how can we learn to love and care for our world and its people too?

Big God. Little Me. (06/08/2017) – Download
Caring (13/08/2017) – Download
Sharing (20/08/2017) – Download
Bearing (27/08/2017) – Download


We are looking at the classic Old Testament story of Nehemiah to see what we can learn from this great man of prayer, purpose and perseverance and his determination to rebuild in the face of opposition.

Nehemiah 1 (23/4/2017) Download
Nehemiah 2.1 (30/4/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 2.2 (7/5/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 3 (14/5/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 4 (21/5/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 5 (28/5/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 6.1 (4/6/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 6.2 (11/6/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 7 (18/6/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 8 (25/6/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 9 (2/7/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 10 (9/7/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 11 (16/7/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 12 (23/7/2017) – Download
Nehemiah 13 (30/7/2017) – Download

The Good and Beautiful God.

“God wants me to try harder.” “God blesses me when I’m good and punishes me when I’m bad.” “God is angry with me.” We all have ideas that we tell ourselves about God and how he works in our lives. Some are true — but many are false. We’re using The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith to help us explore how we think about God based on how Jesus thought about God.

Part 1: “What are you seeking?” (5/2/2017) Download
Part 2: “God is good.” (12/2/2017) Download
Part 3: “God is trustworthy.” (19/2/2017) Download
Part 4: “God is generous.” (26/2/2017) Download
Part 5: “God is love.” (5/3/2017) Download
Part 6: “God is holy.” (12/3/2017) Download
Part 7: “God is self-sacrificing.” (19/3/2017)
Part 8: “God transforms.” (26/3/2017) Download
Part 9: “How to make a pickle.” (2/4/2017) Download